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Water Pooling from Refrigeration on Your Food Truck

Updated: Mar 29

Have you ever gone to your food truck and found water at the opposite end of the truck, pooling up in a corner? Does your refrigeration have water running, dripping, or pooling inside of the units?

You called a fridge repair person and they worked on your equipment for a couple of hours or even 3 minutes for $200 and all seemed well but the next morning it was the same issue. You have cleaned condenser coils, drainlines, and pans but the problem is still there so you purchase more equipment and the problem still happens again. More times than not the fix is easy, level your truck! Level your truck or trailer and stop stressing out your refrigeration units. Easiest fix in the world.

Water pooling from refrigeration on your food Tulsa Food Trucks  Tulsa Food Trucks

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