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Dope Soul Catering + Food Truck

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

"The name doesn't come from who we are, it comes from who we serve."

"Dope Soul is about making sure that people have that experience where their day is that much better because we were with them and they were with us. Our food is inspired by the people that we serve because we VIBE off of our people and what we get is what we share back because we are a reflection of the community we serve; we reflect it in our food, our attitude, in our acceptance and love of each other and with inclusion, because Dope Soul is about the best parts of where we live. Tulsa has a mixture of bad things that have happened in its history but its the good that keeps us together, so our food is meant to reflect that and that is why we call ourselves Dope Soul."

Dope Soul Catering + Food Truck has a diverse menu that is custom built for any event or venue, with an assigned person to work with your designated event planner. They serve Tulsa and surrounding areas. From Indian Food to Breakfast, Desserts to buffet style truck events they have your event covered.

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